About the Doctor

It is very difficult to describe what Complementary and Alternative Medicine is. I’ve been doing this for almost fifteen years, and I’m not much closer to a proper explanation, so I’ve given up trying. Instead, I’m going to tell you what happens in my office, and why I may be able to help you. Doctor's ImageI’m also going to tell you that I’m not your average doctor. I will sit down with you and listen. The majority of all diagnoses are made by listening to a patient. Tests and labs are used to confirm a diagnosis. The second thing you should know about me is that I’m a smartass. We have a good time in my office. We will get to the bottom of the problem and fix it, but I see no need to be an uptight stick-in-the-mud. If you’re laughing, I’ll laugh with you. If you’re crying, I’ll be there for you. We’re going to be spending some time together. We will get to know each other. Frequently, this is where the ‘golden nuggets’ of missing information come from. It is so important to find the missing details of your history. Things you never thought to mention to anyone before. It is the ‘whole picture’ of the patient that sets Complimentary and Alternative Medicine apart.

There are two things I can tell you about the types of patients I see. The first group is in pain. It doesn’t matter where really, I see it all. The second group doesn’t know where else to go, but were referred by someone I have helped.

Group One

Musculoskeletal Pain
  • ~Neck, Mid back and Low Back Pain
  • ~Disc Bulges/Sciatica
  • ~Joint Pain: Shoulders, Knees, Elbows, Wrists, Ankles and Hips
  • ~Headaches: Cervicogenic (from the neck), Migraines etc.
  • ~Sports Injuries: Rotator Cuff, ACL, Meniscus, etc. (Golf, Tennis, Basketball, Baseball, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, MMA)
Systemic Pain
  • ~Fibromyalgia
  • ~Cancer Pain
  • ~Arthritis: Rheumatoid, Psoriatic, Osteoarthritis (DJD)
  • ~Female Pain: Headaches, Cramps, Endometriosis.
  • ~Intestinal/Digestive Pain
  • ~Stress/Anxiety/Depression

Group Two

  • ~I don't know what's wrong, but I just don't feel right
  • ~Digestive Problems (IBS, Crohns, Diverticulitis, GERD, Constipation, Diarrhea etc.)
  • ~Hormonal Problems/Infertility/PMS
  • ~I have so much wrong, I don’t even know where to start.

This is a phrase I hear almost daily, “I have been everywhere, and no one can tell me what is wrong. I’ve been to every doctor imaginable and had every test they can think of. I’ve spent a lot of time, a lot of money, and I’m no closer to a solution. Can you help me?” This is the second phrase I hear almost daily, “Thank you. What you are saying makes so much sense. No one else has been able to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Do you think you can help me?” The majority of the time, the answer is yes. If you have been everywhere else, and been poked and prodded by all of them, you’re probably not dying (although some by this point wish they were). You are amongst the many patients who fall through the cracks of ‘modern medicine’. I’m the guy that’s there to catch you. I have nothing bad to say about modern medicine… well maybe a little. Medication is like trying to hammer in a nail using a wrecking ball. There will be peripheral damage. Sometimes it is necessary, but most of the time, there’s another, less invasive way. Medications have side effects. People come in with lists of a dozen medications, half of which are needed to deal with the side effects of their other medications. I think this is ridiculous. Asking the proper questions about your symptoms leads to information about errors in your biochemistry (hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes etc). This can usually be fixed using natural substances. This is called Nutritional Biochemistry, and it’s how I safely and naturally eliminate medication need, and fix the problem. Here’s the deal, no one can fix everything. When you can’t help, send them to someone who can.


Just because your problem hasn’t been identified by all those tests, does not mean that it 1) isn’t there, 2) can’t be identified and 3) can’t be fixed. Honestly, nothing irritates me more than hearing patients say that their doctors told them there was nothing that can be done, or it’s all in your head. It is often a bittersweet moment for patients when after having suffered for so long, I fix them in a matter of days. If you’ve made it this far, you may be thinking that I’m pretty full of myself. There may be some that agree with you (my wife included). But the next thing they’ll tell you is yes, he really is that good.

We weren’t given an Instruction Manual when we were born. You may think you are doing everything right, but if you are where you are, how’s that working for you? I’m the guy that can tell you what you’re missing.

Ok, genius, so how do you fix me?

One of my professors told me once, “Do the right thing at the right time, and miracles happen.”

“I have already seen a chiropractor/acupuncturist etc, and it didn’t work.” I don’t care. You haven’t seen someone who does it all, and you haven’t seen me. It is the inherent ability to look at a problem from a variety of views and specialties that makes the difference.

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